Bernadett Horvath 

January 10, 1996 She was born completely healthy

Medical History:

March 20, 1996.  At three months old, due to an Act Hib vaccine shot she was hospitalized as a result of dehydration and aphthous fungal mouth ulcer. The inflammation was successfully suppressed with Nistatinos treatment, but simultaneously, Neurodermatitis (skin inflammation) symptoms appeared on her skin. For months on end doctors sought for a possible cure for her skin condition, all in vain. The use of a steroidcream resulted in a choking asthmatic reaction.

Following this, there were different attempts at alternative approaches, however, after a short period of recovery, as a result of Homeopathic andBioresonance therapy her eyes became inflamed and her skin condition did not improve either.

November 1998   She was admitted at the Eye Clinic with Keratitis – inflammation of the eyes. After undergoing several days of operation (surgical and excimer laser) she was released from the hospital with a statement saying “treatments resulted in no improvements”.

December 1998  The eye specialist of the Hadassah hospital in Israel following her examination said that the surgical interventions did more damage than good. The vision of her left eye was impaired by 70% because of the surgical wounds on the cornea. The doctor prescribed an eye drop for treating Keratitis which suppressed 60-70% of the inflammation. Also, he advised that the inflammation was due to some kind of an internal cause.

Bernadett visited numerous doctors, hospitals, natural therapists and other alternative healers; however, none of the recommended therapies gave any results despite several attempts.

June 2003  A several-month long therapy and examination series began at the Spezialklinik Neukirchen  in Germany which was useful as it provided much information on the issue but yet no cure was found.

Bernadett’s condition continuously got worse as time went by. By the end of 2003, despite the strict diet, while avoiding several allergizing factors, the fast deterioration of her health could not be stopped. The seaside climate was the only factor that enabled temporary improvements.

August 2004 The family moved to the coast in America hoping that the constant, beneficial climate would result in lasting improvements in Bernadett’s condition . During her stay abroad the Childrens Hospital in San Diego conducted a series of examinations on Bernadett for genetic and autoimmune diseases (Kindler syndrome, Lupus, Epiderma Bullosa). The examinations could not be continued after six months since her US visa expired. Nevertheless, the climate did her good while she was there.

Her state of health began to worsen after returning home.

August 2005 She was taken to the Heim Pál Childrens Hospital in a very serious condition. Several examinations were conducted there, yet no diagnosis was established and no therapy could be recommended.

November 2005  The only option, thus, was the beneficial seaside climate, in the absence of other alternatives. A three week stay in Spain again produced significant improvements.

February 2006  The family moved to Spain. Several doctors and hospitals began to deal with Bernadett’s problem. The research was temporarily suspended because no therapy or diagnosis could be established based on the possible results of the examinations.

February 2009 Bernadett and her family moved to England. The air and climate in Barcelona had a real good effect on the condition of Bernadett, however, further clinical research was not possible there.

The climate of England, the humid air and the milder summer seemed more bearable for Bernadett. It was also possible to continue the research with one of Europe’s most acknowledged medical team in the field at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

January 2010.  The examination and research series were stopped at the hospital in London, because there were no helpful results, unfortunately, and only recommendations were received for sustaining her condition.

July 2010 A few examinations were done at the Telki Hospital in Hungary especially focusing on food allergy, sensitivity and gastroenterology. There were also several examinations done by specialists at this time in Hungary. No diagnosis was established.


Although, neither medical science, nor alternative methods could establish a diagnosis, according to the conclusions drawn from the examinations and personal experiences the disease is probably sustained by bad cell functioning, food absorption problems, autoimmune disease and allergies. An examination in September 2010 showed an especially strong inflammation as well as ulcer of the entrails.

Bernadett’s Present condition :

The slow but continuous deterioration of the past years has effected 60-80% of her skin as well as her muscles, joints and digestive system (resulting in 60% disability).


In order to sustaining the condition of Bernadett at a relatively bearable level she needs a special diet (glutein, soy, sugar and milk free), constant hydration of her entire skin surface repeatedly several times a day (cream application), constant disinfection of wounds several times a day, muscle stimulating massage, remedial gymnastics, lots of oxygen, indirect sunlight, salty, humid air, bathing in salty water twice daily, natural vitamins and trace elements.

So far her condition could only be improved by the observation of the above in a Mediterranean or Oceanic climate.

March 23, 20