Bernadett01My name is Bernadett Horvath but I prefer to be called Lizi. I was born on the 10th of January 1996 as the fourth child of my parents. I have a sister and two brothers whom I really like.
When I was small, a vaccination made me ill. I lived in various parts of the world, partly because doctors researched my illness, partly due to the fact that my condition improved when I was close to the beach.

usa1994Once, we lived in the US for six months. The ocean was beautiful; we went to the beach almost every day for a breath of fresh air and to stare at the sky full of stars. There was a bay there, full of sunbathing seals. We often saw baby seals. Also, little brown squirrels lived on the coastal wall and I loved to feed them. It was great to be there, my condition improved a lot.
A few years later, I was admitted to hospital in a serious condition and it has not improved. Without the help of a wheelchair, I was not able to move. My parents knew that the best thing they could do was to take me back to the beach again.

Berni a sárkánnyal

We set off with my parents and my younger brother. We agreed that we were going to stop in Lourdes for a couple of days where Virgin Mary appeared to an 11-year old girl, Bernadett. With my family, we had the feeling that we also needed to go there. At the time I was also 11. We spent four days there and we often went down to the cave where Mary appeared to Bernadett. Slowly, my condition began to improve. Later on, we moved over to southern Spain. The day after our arrival to Malaga, I got out of the wheelchair. A few days later, I felt so strong that we walked on the beach with my brother, flying a paper kite. When we were far away from our parents, my brother gave me the kite and encouraged me to fly it. He told me that I should run towards my parents holding the cord in my hand. As the kite rose, the wind caught it. I have never felt such a thing before, I felt as if I flew. My feet barely seemed to touch the ground.


Because of my condition, I have been sitting in a wheelchair since, but I will never forget this experience.